Frequently Asked Questions

The Quinn Weight Loss Method

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
Why should I choose Dr. Quinn Weight Loss?
Are there any side effects?
Do you accept insurance?
Do you have a guarantee?
Do you offer HCG? 
Is your program safe?
Do I have to eat/purchase special foods? 
How much weight will I lose? 
What kinds of medications do you offer?
What should I expect on my first visit?
What will my follow-up visits be like?
Will I be hungry on this program? 
Will I gain my weight back after finishing the program? 
How long do I have to be on the program?
Am I able to go to either clinic for my weekly visits?
How often do I get the injection?
Is the program safe for children? 
I have high blood pressure and diabetes, will I be able to be on your program?
What kind of payment do you accept?
Do you offer financing? 
Do you offer incentives for referrals?

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